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Events and Training Spring 2021

There are plenty of activities in the pipeline for the summer ahead, but we always have to be mindful of the fact that the COVID regulations could change and we may have to alter or cancel arrangements, possibly at short notice. If that is the case, we will refund any payments made. Keep an eye on the website or Facebook page for updates.

As well as the events listed in the table below, there are plenty of other activities to keep you busy:

PTV obstacle judging

We have set up a Members Only Facebook page ( where some of you may have already noticed the obstacle judging challenge, which Christine Harling has initiated. You are invited to view a short video of her completing an obstacle and judge it according to how well you think it is being executed. Feel free to comment - politely of course – it is a great exercise for learning how to improve your own skills and knowledge. You can also upload your own videos – the more, the merrier!

Map reading practice

Lois Eyre has produced some Question and Answer quizzes based on OS maps within the Wessex area, for you to practice your map-reading skills -
Map-reading Practice

2021 POR Challenge

Jan Tucker has devised a personal challenge for members to keep us busy, even if we can’t get to any competitions. There will be three awards depending on the number of kilometers ridden (25km, 50km, 100km). Competition and training rides count, but you can also create your own POR route – which is where the fun begins! Create, ride and share your own route with members. It will run from 29th March to 5th September.
POR Information