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About WessexTREC

Wessex TREC Club is the local group for TREC enthusiasts covering the counties of Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire. It provides riders with the opportunity to explore the beautiful and varied countryside this region offers, whilst participating in this fun, friendly but challenging sport. It organises local TREC competitions, both Summer and Winter series, training and fun events for members and non-members. Wessex TREC warmly welcomes newcomers and those who want to ‘give it a go’ and there is always plenty of support and advice from more experienced members. Read about some of members' TREC journeys

It is affiliated to TREC GB, the national governing body for the sport. Full details about the sport can be found on its web site:

The club is run by a committee of volunteers, with help from its members and supporters. The current committee consists of:

Helen Curley

Chair: Helen Curley

I started TREC with my first winter competition in March 2016 closely followed by a summer one-day event at Bibury in June 2016. I joined the Wessex committee in 2017 as I love the fun atmosphere and camaraderie that goes with Wessex events.

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Jan Tucker

Vice-Chair: Jan Tucker

I started TREC in 2018, I was instantly hooked. I knew it would be perfect for my then 23-year-old Welsh pony. He was very cheeky and I loved that TREC encouraged us to work on our skills, his patience and my map reading. The welcome I received from Wessex TREC made me enjoy it even more. Everyone was so helpful and I quickly made friends. I really enjoying the summer competitions. Basically, camping with my pony and great friends (and gin!).

Fran Huckle

Membership Secretary: Fran Huckle

After many years of thinking TREC might be fun, I finally persuaded a friend to pair with me in a one-day competition Wessex TREC Club was organising in beautiful Cotswold countryside. We didn’t have a clue what we were doing, but everyone was so helpful and friendly and we had a great time! My trusty mare has now retired but TREC has been great for building a solid relationship with her son and successor and improving both our skills and confidence! Being Membership Secretary is very rewarding as it means I get to know everyone, old timers and newbies alike!

Treasurer: Mel Bowers

TREC GB Representative: Zara Lawlor

Yvonne Allen

Yvonne Allen

I've been involved in TREC since going along to a fun TREC competition run by Thame Valley Riding Club back in 2011. I absolutely loved it but at that time there wasn't a club anywhere near to us so going to competitions wasn't really possible. Then Wessex TREC club was born and I haven't looked back since!

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John Hargreaves

Susan Hargreaves

I first started Trec when a friend of mine asked if I would like to attend an introductory TREC talk by Lois. We then rode a training POR run by Lois, which I loved. Sadly my friend decided not to pursue Trec but luckily my husband John stepped up and became my Trec partner. I am a committee member, have volunteered at numerous Trec competitions and am a probationary judge. John and I run Introduction to Trec courses for Wessex Trec to encourage riders to try Trec.

Christine Harling

Christine Harling

I have been involved with TREC for 6 years. I was very proud in 2016 when quite new in my career I was the Level 1 Newcomers Individual Champion and I won Level 1 summer league. Also, at the English championships in 2019 I was the L2A individual champion. I love that TREC lets me explore parts of the country I wouldn't usually think of visiting. I joined Wessex TREC because I love that we are a very active club who always have lots of training, competitions and other activities going on.

Phoebe Parsons

Phoebe Parsons

I first competed in TREC in 2018 on my Welsh Section D, Robin, he didn't enjoy jumping or Dressage so I was keen to find something we could both enjoy and we both absolutely loved TREC from day 1.
The variation in the challenges TREC presents is brilliant, there are some things which we were really good at (I'm pleased to say map reading!) and other things we were not so good at but each event/training we could feel the progress we were making and always went home smiling.
I also love how welcoming, lovely and supportive everyone is, there will always be someone happy to help, give advice and answer questions.
I no longer compete since having my daughter but I still love helping at events and seeing everyone, I really feel I have made life long friends.