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Helen Curley

I started TREC with my first winter competition in March 2016 closely followed by a summer one-day event at Bibury in June 2016. I joined the Wessex committee in 2017 as I love the fun atmosphere and camaraderie that goes with Wessex events.

I started TREC with my old eventer Pilgrim when his career ended but he still needed a job, we spent over a year hacking in the Cotswolds often going out all day with just our saddle bags, snacks and map. I wondered if there was a competitive version of hacking and came across TREC. However now I am enjoying training my new pony Maddie (part bred Arab mare). We went to our first TREC training session in 2020 and I enjoyed feeling her grow in confidence throughout, giving her a great foundation which we will continue slowly. I love that TREC trains the whole horse and if you amalgamated my current ponies, they would be the perfect TREC pony but individually they need lots of work, so I am enjoying organising TREC competitions at the moment as opposed to riding in TREC. I have even recently taken up dressage!!

My favourite part of TREC is meeting new people and learning constantly, there is always something new to learn and I enjoy helping at competitions all over the country.

My favourite TREC memory is of the Level 1 championships 2019 where Wessex TREC Club had a fabulous time and much success but I love how encouraging and friendly our club is helping out those with less experience and being genuinely proud of everyone's achievements.