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Yvonne Allen

I've been involved in TREC since going along to a fun TREC competition run by Thame Valley Riding Club back in 2011.

I absolutely loved it but at that time there wasn't a club anywhere near to us so going to competitions wasn't really possible. Then Wessex TREC club was born and I haven't looked back since! Wessex TREC is such a lovely friendly and supportive group and we always have lots of fun when we are away at competitions. It is a very active group, with lots of training and competitions for all levels of rider and always very welcoming to newcomers. The best part of TREC is the summer series 2-day competitions, a whole weekend with your horse, doing what you love and in great company, what more could you ask for? However, I do find the map reading but I'm getting better!

I was thrilled to get 2nd place in the Intermediate Pairs at 2019 Level 1 Championship.